Heading 5

A conventional description of Joseph Couture and his career is a fairly simple matter and would go something like this: He is an award-winning journalist and author. He worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as an investigative reporter and has written for all the major Canadian newspapers, whether they know it or not in every case.  His first book, published in 2008, was a surprise best-seller whose success ironically led to the end of his career, having angered just about everyone. He has totally useless degrees in sociology and criminology that he completed out sheer boredom and wishes he didn't.  But those are not the details that matter.

Couture is a man on a journey, a quest, really. A quest for an elusive truth that is perhaps best described as being hidden in plain sight. If you have ever asked, as many have, what the point of all this is, and wondered about the true nature of reality, then nothing more needs to be said. In terms of his personal path, at this point he will say only, "the answer must be questioned."

Under the Statue of Liberty
I said I would never visit New York again after the last time, and now I remember why.  But there was someone I needed to see.  I'll have some crazy videos and photos for you soon.
Without You
Monkeypox Is Damn Scary
At war in the Arizona desert with the spiders, snakes, monkeypox- and the rest of the devil's army.
Not A Theory At All
You either get it or you don't- or should I say, you either admit it or you don't?
No One Home
I have come to rural Arkansas during one of the worst tornado seasons on record to pay my respects to more than five generations of my family buried in one small cemetery. Historical records show at least 25 people with the family name Lampton buried here.  But there are more unmarked than marked graves here, and the family tree branches in many directions.
The Calm After the Storm
Sometimes it takes a whole lot of rain and a ton of shit to restore beauty to the desolate. Here the desert comes back to life after a couple of days of heavy rain.
Like the Desert Needs the Rain
Just as I have discovered that the universe seems to have a just-on-time delivery system, I have complete confidence the answers I seek will arrive just when when they should.
Desert Nights: Coyotes and Camp Fires
As the world continues its rapid death march into total self-annihilation, I remain quietly in the desert with the coyotes and the smoke from a camp fire.
Still Waiting
Wild In the West
If you would like to visit a ghost town in the desert, just follow the Google Maps chick right off the edge of a cliff.
Shacked Up On the Beach
Usually if you want to live right on the beach, you need to spend millions on a nice condo- but I just moved into a little blue shack.
Right On the Edge
Grand Falls in the Painted Desert inside the Navajo Nation is taller than Niagara Falls, but unfortunately it is almost completely dry three months out of the year. Guess I should have checked that before going, not after. The wind is as cold as it is constant.
The View From the Edge
Still don't know where I'm going, but I'll let you know when I get there.
The Most Beautiful Thing In The World
I find the most rare and beautiful thing I can ever find, solitude and serenity in silence in Glacier National Park, Montana.