My New Book
Cuckoo is perhaps the most difficult investigative assignment journalist Joseph Couture never asked for.  Committed as an involuntary patient and unable to leave, he finds himself lost deep in the rabbit hole of the Canadian mental health system. He decides at this point only two things matter- finding the way out, and answering the more difficult questions of who he really is and why this is all happening to him. As a practising Buddhist, he can’t help but examine everything from the bigger picture of what this is really about- even if it is real at all and what meaning is to be found in it- or if there is any.  
His first, and easiest conclusion at the end, having narrowly escaped with his life, is that the "system" is not designed to help him or anyone but the people running the system.  As for the question of who he is, he says only that he discovered that the true madness in his life is not within himself, but in the world around him.  His best advice for anyone facing a similar pickle is, "if you really want to know who you are, stop asking other people." In terms of whether it is either real or meaningful, he leaves those questions mostly for you to decide for yourself.
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