Videos and Documentaries
Escape From Canada
With British Columbia about to be wiped off the face of the map, it was time to go.  But it would take a bold plan and a fast car to pull off.
As the World Burns
This particular chapter of the horror novel began with temperatures hitting 43 degrees Celsius and the city on fire. I rescue some random surfer dude broken down on the side of the road. We camp at the falls for the night, fix his bike in the morning- and he is off on his urgent mission to save the world.
With temperatures reaching an unprecedented 44 degrees Celsius, I head to the coolest place I can find- and pretend absolutely nothing is wrong.  I survived nearly falling off the edge of the cliff, slipping on the rocks in the river and being periodically pelted with rocks from random avalanches right above my head.  I'm still here, so it's all good. 
Tammy Undefeated
Tammy is the rape baby no one ever wanted or loved. Her life has been pure hell and endless misery. But she is one of the strongest women I have ever met.
Oh Canada
Canada was once ranked by the United Nations as the number one country in the world to live in, three years in a row. Now the new norm is mass homelessness, drug addiction and mental health issues. This is a glimpse of my old hometown, London, Ontario. 
No Place For Home
Everyday across Canada authorities evict the growing number of homeless from their camps. The trifecta of nightmares – drug addiction, mental health problems and poverty – cause the situation to worsen by the day.
Meth Stooges
Rise and Shine Sleepyheads
Party Like It's 19.99
Because at the end of the world, you only have so many options.
If you somehow feel like you don't fit into the modern world, you are probably doing something right.
Run Boy Run
After ditching my life and heading off to live alone and off-grid in the forest on the West Coast of Canada, I move in with my first set of roommates...a bunch of horny and very noisy frogs.
No one said living alone off-grid in the forest would be easy.  Here are some of the hard realities.
I take a quick break from my five month retreat living alone and off grid on the Canadian West Coast to wander back into the world looking for a rumoured stand of old growth forest.
John F. Kennedy
Not that we ever learn anything from history, but if we did- this might have been useful. But it seems clear that many people missed the point .
Legalize Apathy Everywhere
Medical and recreational marijuana were legalized in Canada several years ago, with great success. 
No Sanctuary
You can pretty much forget your big idea of disappearing and living off the land somewhere. Here's why.​
Just Wait
I just had a dream about what the script writers have in mind for 2021.
For some people, the realization that things are not what they appear to be can cause a profound existential crisis. It is usually referred to as "The Dark Night Of the Soul", and may even last as long as a lifetime. But it can only end in one of two ways. The good news is that the choice is yours.​
Questioning the answer. 3+3+3 = 11​
Your Move
Social distancing- what has really been lost, and when did it happen?